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Company History

2021. 11

​경기도 유망중소기업 선정 (인증기간 2021.11.30~2026.11.29)

2021. 06

Acquisition of in vitro diagnostic medical device manufacturing certificate

2021. 05

Permission to manufacture medical devices for animals

2021. 05

Confirmation of notification of LMO research facilities (Ministry of Science and Technology Information and Communication)

2021. 04

CB and KOLAS Certification of AnyDetect (Portable Real-Time Isothermal Amplifier)

2021. 02

Acquired GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) certification for in vitro diagnostic medical device manufacturing

2021. 02

MOU for business cooperation with Fish Care Co., Ltd

2021. 01

Quality evaluation grade A by the Korea Institute of Genetic Testing & Evaluation

2020. 10

Selected as a military service designation company (research institute sector) by Seoul Regional Military Manpower Administration

2020. 06

KC Certification of AnyDetect (Mobile Real-Time Isothermal Amplifier)

2020. 05

Signed a business agreement with Pyunghwaise Co., Ltd.

2020. 04

Headquarters moved to Misa Centum Biz, Hanam-si

2019. 11

A business partnership agreement with Active Age Co., Ltd. in Fukuoka, Japan

2019. 05

International Symposium on Single cell genomics and Immuno · Oncology/Neuroscience: Better Sample Preparation Better Outcome

"gentleMACS User Group Meeting"

2018. 11

Signed an agreement with Woojung Bio Co., Ltd. as a Friends Company

2018. 10

Business cooperation partnership with Accugene Co., Ltd.

2018. 02

Investment agreement with Wooridul Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

2017. 12

Agreement with Miaebu Co., Ltd. for customized genetic testing

2017. 08

Established company-affiliated research institute (Catholic University Biomedical Industry Research Institute 3017)

2017. 07

Registered as a genetic testing institution (KCDC No. 305)

2017. 06

The Joint Symposium of The Catholic University of Korea, Thammasat University (Thailand), National Defense Medical Center (Taiwan), and Human Genome Organization (HUGO)

"Asian Leadership for Health Science and Precision Medicine"

2017. 02

Research results exchange agreement with Catholic University Incheon St. Mary's Hospital and International St. Mary's Hospital

2017. 02

MOU for business cooperation with Ewon Diagnostics Co., Ltd.

2016. 12

Industry-Academic Cooperation Agreement with Catholic University Industry-University Cooperation Foundation

2016. 03

The International Symposium of IRCGP & CERC

"Clinical Genome Connect in Asia"

2015. 01

International Conference on Medical Innovation for Health (Thammasat University)

2014. 06

The International Symposium of IRCGP & CERC

"Genetic Evolution and Disease"

2013. 09

The International Symposium of Clinical genomics at the crossroad

2013. 05

The International Symposium of Cancer Genome Evolution

"New Insights in Cancer Genome Evolution and Translational Medicine"

2012. 09

IRCGP - PICB Joint Symposium (Korea-China Joint Symposium)

"Genetic Diversity of East Asians and Its Evolutionary/Phenotypic Implications"

2012. 08

International Symposium on Variomics World : Cancer Genomics

2011. 11

CRCiD & IRCGP Workshop "Full-length genetic training and analysis for personalized medicine"

2010. 12

IRCGP --KOBIC Next Generation Bioinformatics Education Workshop
"Data analysis of cancer genes using Microarray and NGS"

2009. 11

International Symposium on Array CGH Analysis in Autism and Cancer

2009. 06

Established ConnectaGen Co., Ltd.-as Catholic University School of Medicine On-Campus Venture Company

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