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유전자 분석에서부터 암 그리고 각종 바이러스 질환까지

보다 근원적이고 효율적인 진단 기법을 개발하여

정밀의학을 선도하고

5년 내 이 분야의 최고의 기업이 되겠습니다.


Connectagen is a bio-specialized company that realizes precision medicine, a future growth engine, through clinical research, bioinformatics, drug genomics, and biochip research, with a focus on the advanced analysis of cancer / complex diseases .
Researchers at the bigger Nectar Xen medicine, genetics, consists of molecular biology, statistics, bioinformatics specialists and holds a specialized genetic information database for Koreans precise than develop a proprietary analysis algorithm in collaboration with the nation's top experts Analysis provided.
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